A Micro-Church Movement

Partnering to experience God’s KINGDOM come in TN…

The Underground Tn is a micro-church network longing to see people experience the presence, love and power of God. While our approach may seem unique, it is modeled in the Bible, anchored in church history, and flourishing today in Gospel movements around the world.

We want to join in where God is working, to serve and bless like hometown missionaries. We desire to demonstrate and declare the good news of God’s Kingdom. Micro-churches making disciples and meeting in homes are a top priority. Our entire Knoxville region micro-church network currently gathers bi-weekly for worship, celebration stories, prayer ministry and equipping. We would love to see other regional hubs spring up across the state.

Curious? Please explore this web site or reach out to connect.

Contact Us

The Underground
P.O. Box 30551
Knoxville, TN 37930

[email protected]
(865) 288-9115